Wenona Benally Baldenegro

Wenona  Benally Baldenegro


  • NameWenona Benally Baldenegro
  • Party Affiliationdemocrat


• Office: U.S. House of Representatives, District 1

• Age: 34

• Employer and position: Attorney

• Education: B.A., Arizona State University; J.D., Harvard Law School; master's in public policy, Harvard University; LLM, University of Arizona

• Political experience: Co-chairwoman, Vince Rabago for Arizona Attorney General, 2010; National Tribal Steering Committee, Obama for America, 2008

• Top priority: Good jobs, supporting small business, protecting Medicare/Social Security, education, the environment and protecting women's rights.

How would you use your position as an elected official to help
businesses create jobs in Southern Arizona?  I will work to pass the
American Jobs Act, and to immediately bring transportation and
infrastructure jobs to Arizona.  I will work to build our local
economies by creating tax incentives for America’s small businesses,
and I will aggressively pursue solar energy development, which will
create jobs for Arizonans.

Should the qualifications for Medicaid or AHCCCS be broadened to make more people eligible?  Last year, the Arizona state legislature cut
250,000 people from AHCCCS/Medicaid, while rubber-stamping $538
million in tax breaks for large corporations.  This is unacceptable,
and it’s time to end these corporate handouts, and start looking after
our working families, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet,
and who rely on this basic healthcare service.

If you were in a position to vote on SB1070, would you have voted for or against it?  The U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down SB1070, as unconstitutional, and I would have voted against it.  SB1070 has been
a disaster, for our state.  It has greatly damaged our economy, and it
has created a climate of fear and distrust of law enforcement, among
the Latino community.  The majority of Americans want comprehensive
immigration reform, and I will work to pass immigration reform, so
that immigrants can continue to contribute to our economy, and we can
focus our resources on the prosecution of violent criminals and drug

In a world of finite resources, what if anything would you be willing to cut to better fund education?  First of all, we must end the Bush tax handouts for corporations and the very wealthy, and stop the
efforts to balance our budget on the backs of working people and
middle-class families.  Second, we must look at our huge defense
spending budget, and ask some serious questions.  National security is
of the utmost importance, and we will continue to defend our nation.
But it is time that we bring our brave men and women back home from
Iraq and Afghanistan, and focus our nation-building efforts,
domestically.  We can make strategic cuts to defense spending, yet
maintain and expand Veterans Affairs, given that Veterans Affairs is a
separate part of the budget.

Should local government fight to keep the Rosemont Copper Mine out or encourage the company to stay?  All mining companies looking to do business in our state must adhere to the existing federal safety and
environmental regulations like the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and
National Environmental Policy Act.  Copper mining is a water-intensive
industry; Rosemont Copper needs to work with governments at all levels
to find solutions that will lead to the conservation of such a limited

What is the most important issue in your race?  In addition to
education and jobs, protecting Medicare and Social Security is the
most important issue in this election.  Our nation's retirees worked
hard for these benefits, and they earned them.  I will absolutely
fight to protect Medicare and Social Security for America’s seniors
and retirees.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
CD 1 Democratic primary Arizona 1st Congressional District 2012 National Primary

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