Amanda Aguirre

Amanda  Aguirre


  • NameAmanda Aguirre
  • Party Affiliationdemocrat
  • Start TimeJuly 16, 2012 2012-07-16T00:00:00-0700


Office: U.S. House of Representatives, District 3
Party: Democrat
Age: 59
Employer and position: President and CEO of the Regional Center for Border Health Inc.
Education: Bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Sonora and master's degree in home economics with an emphasis in nutrition from Cal State-Los Angeles.
Political experience: Four years as a state senator, three years as a state representative.
Top priorities: Job creation, health-care cost-control, education, immigration and border security, veterans' rights and energy independence.

How would you use your position as an elected official to help businesses create jobs in Southern Arizona?

Small- and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy; thus, supporting these businesses and encouraging them to hire locally will promote job creation in Arizona while preventing jobs from being shipped overseas.  When elected to Congress I will collaborate with state and local leaders to do the following:

• Increase government funding to support our economy-boosting and job-creating industries such as farming, renewable energy, biotechnology, education, etc.

• Work to develop incentives, such as tax incentives and low interest rate loans, to encourage business development provided that the companies 1) hire local workers, 2) buy American products, and 3) have a long-term business plan that benefits the community.

• Establish one-stop help centers (a.k.a. incubation centers) to support local entrepreneurs during the business start-up phase.

Should the qualifications for Medicaid or AHCCCS be broadened to make more people eligible?

Yes.  We know that preventive care saves money in the long run and, therefore, saves tax dollars that would otherwise be spent on the expensive care administered in emergency rooms across the country.  In order to decrease the cost of healthcare, preventative care needs to be provided to all Americans. The rising cost of medical care is the real issue with our healthcare system and it needs to be addressed. 

If you were in a position to vote on SB1070, would you have voted for or against it?

I voted against SB 1070 as a State Senator of Arizona.

In a world of finite resources, what if anything would you be willing to cut to better fund education?

I would cut government waste by removing duplication of services between agencies starting with health agencies.  Government health agencies commonly have several compartmentalized programs that provide duplicate services of other government agencies.   For example, one agency focusing on diabetes prevention and treatment may provide a nutrition and exercise program that is replicated by another agency focusing on heart disease prevention and treatment.  The two agencies could save millions of tax dollars by combining, rather than duplicating, their nutrition and exercise programs.

Should local government fight to keep the Rosemont Copper Mine out or encourage the company to stay?

The Rosemont facility will be an economic boon to Southern Arizona.  The mine will create thousands of direct hires as well as promote tens of thousands of jobs in the supporting industries throughout the region.  The Mine has addressed the important issues of safety and environmental impact using high technology that meets all industry and government standards.

Any employer willing to invest in Arizona by providing long-term jobs and economic stimulus should be treated as a friend of our State.  At a time when Arizona is experiencing the worst economic downturn in its history, the Rosemont Copper Mine comes at an opportune time to help our State recover.

What is the most important issue in your race?

The most important challenge facing Arizona today is fixing our economy and creating jobs.   Of all the states, Arizona has been hit the hardest by the economic downturn.  In some counties, the unemployment rate has reached as high as 29%—one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.  The direct effect of this staggering unemployment rate is crushing our economy.  The indirect and secondary effects are hurting our communities, families, and future generations. 


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
CD 3 Democratic primary Arizona 3rd Congressional District 2012 National Primary