Tom Murphy

Tom  Murphy


  • NameTom Murphy


Party: Republican

Occupation and employer: Community director at Rancho Sahuarita

Education: Associate's degree in management from the University of Maryland

Political experience: 8 years on the Sahuarita Unified School District Governing Board

Military experience: Retired from the United States Air Force in 1995 after 21 years

How would you use your position on the council to help businesses create jobs in your town? As a council member I will continue to advocate and work to boost the economic diversification of the Town that will create a sustainable future for generations of families to come. To achieve economic sustainability, the Town will have to be both “business friendly as well as business ready.” I have been promoting for years the unique qualities of the Town of Sahuarita to investors, residents, home builders, retailers, medical providers and businesses.

What is your strategy for smart growth in your town? The council has a responsibility to its citizens to promote well-planned growth in the town. Economic development and the funding and building of new public infrastructure, early in the development cycle will help ensure the goals of job creation, quality housing, and community, and regional shopping are realized. My experience in the private and public sector, along with my in-depth knowledge of how specific zoning plans, development agreements, and infrastructure funding will allow me to make significant contributions in promoting economic development.

What is the most important issue facing your town? Economic sustainability is vital. The town has identified a loss of potential sales tax (tax leakage) upwards of 75% to surrounding communities. Land with public infrastructure to it would support additional commercial and residential opportunities. It would also provide additional employment prospects in aerospace, mining, travel and leisure and manufacturing jobs in “Light industry." Creating a more vibrant and diversified local economy will enhance resident’s quality of life and expand the Town’s sales tax revenue to continue to support an economically and culturally exciting place to live.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Sahuarita Town Council - 4-year term, 3 open seats 2013 Community Primary

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