Patti Comerford

Patti  Comerford


  • NamePatti Comerford
  • Date of Birth (Age)July 5, 1959 (55)


Party: Republican
Occupation and employer: Full-time town council member
Political experience: 12 years (3 terms) Marana Town Council, 7 years Planning and Zoning, 10 years law enforcement experience as a Community Service Officer in California

How would you use your position on the council to help business create jobs in your town? I have been involved with the Marana Chamber for many years. It's important to listen to the needs of the business community to assist in ways to help them become successful. As a Council member, requiring Town staff to continue to be a business friendly environment while assisting new business as well as existing business in a matter in which is easy and attainable for everyone, we will continue to attract successful business growth.

What is your strategy for smart growth in your town? As a council we adapted a economic road map that needs to be continually evaluated and updated. Planning for the future and allowing input from the community will help to foster an feeling of ownership by all. When people feel that they are a part of something, there is a natural excitement that flows out and attracts others. Creating a document and leaving it on a shelf, will never prosper, but continuing to evaluate and improve will keep your ideas alive.

What is the most important issue facing your town? Waste water. Resolve the waste water issues. This is so important to the future growth in Marana. This will be a benefit to everyone doing business in the town. By owning and operation our own waste water facility, it will allow us to continue to find and attract avenues for growth in the town, where we can do so in a business friendly environment from start to finish and be in charge of our own destiny. I believe that successful communities come from well planned growth where the environment is welcoming and secure.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Marana Town Council - 4 open seats 2013 Community Primary

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