Joshua Matthews

Joshua  Matthews


  • NameJoshua Matthews
  • Start TimeFebruary 8, 2013 2013-02-08T13:56:00-0700


Party: Republican

Age: 35

Occupation and employer: Engineer at Raytheon

Education: Master's degree in electrical engineering from Brigham Young University

Political experience: Sahuarita Town Council Member (2012-2013), Sahuarita Board of Adjustments (2007-2012), Town Manager's Effluent Policy Committee (2010), Town Representative to the Pima Association of Governments Environmental Planning Advisory Committee (2011-2012)

Military Experience: None

How would you use your position on the council to help businesses create jobs in your town? I will continue to work toward code simplification to make it more accessible and friendly to businesses, particularly new, less experienced small business owners. I will also continue to build relationships with the various stakeholders to come up with creative solutions for our town and our partners. I want to ensure that Sahuarita projects a consistent and clear message: "We love businesses and we want you here!"

What is your strategy for smart growth in your town? I have a three-fold plan to attract all types of business to our town: 1) identify, 2) plan and execute, and 3) adapt.

Identify - Discover what makes us unique and what businesses would work well in Sahuarita.

Plan and Execute – Develop a plan and strategy with 5, 10, 25, and 50 year road maps and then execute it.

Adapt – Periodically, progress will be reviewed and assessed. Course corrections will then be applied as appropriate.

What is the most important issue facing your town? Probably the most important issue facing the town is understanding where the town is going over the next 50 years. Two issues are before the town whose effects will span decades. Namely, the current annexation effort and the future Sahuarita Farms development. As we work these issues, we must understand not only the path forward but also consider the unintended consequences our decisions may bring.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Sahuarita Town Council - 2-year term, 1 open seat 2013 Community Primary