Don Woolley

Don  Woolley


  • NameDon Woolley
  • Start TimeFebruary 8, 2013 2013-02-08T13:56:00-0700
  • Date of Birth (Age)April 12, 1946 1946-04-13T00:00:00


Employer: Retired from Raytheon Missile Systems

Education: BS, EE

Political experience: Ran for State Senate, 2012, Past LD2 Chairman, 6 months (redistricting up to Nov. election and required re-org. of all state LDs)

Military experience: USAF 6 yrs 10 mo. active duty 3 years Utah and Colorado NG

How would you use your position on the council to help businesses create jobs in your town? Promote incentives: rebates, tax breaks, reduce regulatory burdens; help the town recruit businesses through direct contact, promote Sahuarita through the recruiting efforts underway by the state of Arizona in California, by working with our legislative friends in Phoenix. Make Sahuarita and its unique qualify of life, location, and rail service in the Santa Cruz Valley a plus for light industry.

What is your strategy for smart growth in your town? Smart growth calls for extreme planning by government (Agenda 21), which infringes on the freedoms of our citizens and inhibits business expansion and jobs. We need to keep our faith in the free market economy that made America great, turn loose that economic engine in our town, and offer those gov. services to our citizens that do not intrude on their lives and inhibit their freedoms, and allows them to improve their quality of life in Sahuarita.

What is the most important issue facing your town? Jobs and Water are probably tied for first. We have got to expand our job base, increase the number of taxpayers, and therefore increase our revenue stream. We have a wastewater treatment plant to pay for, along with needed infrastructure for new businesses. And water will always be an important issue, but with project Renews, which is bringing CAP water to Sahaurita to replenish our aquifer, the town has taken a big step in the right direction.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Sahuarita Town Council - 2-year term, 1 open seat 2013 Community Primary