Hugh Hallman

Hugh  Hallman


  • NameHugh Hallman
  • Party Affiliationrepublican


Age: 52

Employer: Attorney, Hallman & Affiliates, P.C.

Education: Bachelor's in economics, accounting and political science, Claremont Men’s College, 1984; Law degree, Olin Fellow in Law & Economics, University of Chicago, 1988

Political experience: Mayor, City of Tempe (2004 - 2012); Council Member, City of Tempe, (1998 -2002); Special Counsel to the Arizona Republican Party, (1999 -2002); Pro bono Legal Counsel to a variety of campaigns (federal, state and local); Reagan-Bush '84, Deputy Consultant to the National Campaign Director;  Reagan 1980, Volunteer; State Committeeman; Delegate and Alternate Delegate to Republican conventions (2008 & 2012).

Top priority: Advocate for a truly balanced State budget while managing the staff of the Treasurer’s Office and chairing the Board of Investment (a) to assure the safety and security of the State’s, schools’, counties’ and cities’ investments, (b) to assure the State’s cash flow processes meet the mandate to pay only those obligations that are supported by statutory and Constitutional enactments, and (c) do so, when supported by legislative appropriation, with enhanced technology and other management tools to bring increased accuracy and efficiency to the Office of State Treasurer and Arizona’s budget.


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Treasurer Republican primary 2014 State Primary

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