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Which Carl's Jr. and Hardee's foods have the most calories?

Large hamburgers contain enough calories and fat to equal multiple meals, but there are more than just salads to choose from on the … Read more

New Medicare help for people with chronic illness

Chronic Care Management means having a continuous relationship with a dedicated health care professional who knows you and your history. Read more

Researchers create an artificial womb

Dr. David Elliott column: How the Syrian civil war turned a Richmond surgeon into a thief

By David Elliott Read more

Undrafted Arizona Wildcats Paul Magloire., Trey Griffey signing free-agent deals

By Michael Lev Arizona Daily Star

The UA got shut out in the 2017 NFL draft, but Magloire is to join the Buccaneers, Griffey the Colts. Read more


Happy Mom Means Less Colicky Baby

FRIDAY, April 28, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- All babies fuss at times, but crying jags appear less likely when a new mother has strong social support or a loving, helpful partner, researchers report. Read more

Seizure Control Eases Life for Young Adults With Epilepsy

FRIDAY, April 28, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Young adults with uncomplicated epilepsy who remain seizure-free do as well as siblings without the disorder in education, employment, driving and independent living, a new study says. Read more

U.S. Moves to Avert Shortage of Yellow Fever Vaccine

FRIDAY, April 28, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- As a new outbreak of mosquito-borne yellow fever continues to grow in Brazil, U.S. health officials say they're taking steps to avert any shortage of vaccine travelers might need. Read more


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The 50 countries with with the lowest diabetes rates

Considering the U.S. diabetes epidemic, what do countries with low diabetes rates look like? Read more

The 51 countries with the highest diabetes rates

The ranking is dominated by small island nations, particularly in the Pacific. Read more

The 50 places where a trip to the dentist will cost you the most

Where will a dentist bill set you back the most? Read more

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Healing hands: Massage may ease chronic back pain

The research also showed massage therapy worked better with patients aged 50 years and older. Read more

Health Tip: Turn Off Those Screens

(HealthDay News) -- Kids who are perched in front of the TV or computer for long periods are spending considerably less time exercising and being active. Read more

Health Tip: How to Get Enough Vitamin D

(HealthDay News) -- Sunlight provides much-needed vitamin D, but you have to protect yourself from sun damage and skin cancer. Read more