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A Contemporary Farmhouse in Iowa Minimizes Footprint, Maxes Number of Countryside Views

Limited square footage is offset by flexible design, careful planning and an expansive outdoor landscape. Read more

Garden Sage: Harmless yet annoying gnats, a destructive leaf-footed bug and a real beauty

This gnat struts and frets his (week) upon the stage. And then is heard no more. Read more

DIY holiday gifts and decorations

Homemade gifts often save money, especially when the supplies can be bought in bulk. What makes them really special is the extra gif… Read more


Winter pest control for Tucson residents

Find a top-rated exterminator to free your home of bugs and other bothersome pests in time f…

More storage space for your Tucson home

Connect with a local professional to expand your home.

Protect your car from those Tucson winters

Find experts in your area to add a sturdy garage to your home and save on damages to your car

From colorful windchimes to seeds and bee habitats, gifts to please your favorite gardener

Gift ideas range from $3 to around $130. Read more

It’s too tough for a homeowner to clean out a fireplace chimney

Professionals have important tools you don't. Read more

Tiffany Studios dragonfly table lamp sells for more than $500K

 Long favored by the Japanese as a symbol of transformation, dragonflies were a popular theme during the heyday of Tiffany Studios. Read more