You love the arts. You care about the art scene in the Old Pueblo. And you have some definite ideas about arts journalism.

Let's talk.

Sunday, The Rogue Theatre and the Arizona Daily Star are hosting a panel discussion on "The Performing Arts and Arts Journalism in Tucson."

"There's an important relationship that occurs between the reader, the reviewer, and the arts presenter," said Bruce Brockman, the head of the University of Arizona School of Theatre and moderator of the panel.

"I think it's important to have an open forum where all three involved - the reviewer, the presenter and the reader - are present."

Cynthia Meir, co-founder of The Rogue, was in on the inception of this panel more than a year ago. She agrees with Brockman.

"So many people are making art, and so many watching art, and there are the writers about art," she said.

"The three groups have never sat down in a forum to say, how does this all relate? We need to talk about what our jobs are - as an audience, as an artist, and as a journalist. How do those roles interact. It's such a rich intersection for conversation."

A panel made up of artists, art administrators, art writers and art lovers comes together for the 3 p.m. event.

After a (we hope) provocative discussion, the floor will be open for questions from the audience.

The panelists:

• Joseph McGrath, actor, artistic director and co-founder of The Rogue Theatre.

• Joseph Thomas Tolliver, associate professor of philosophy at the University of Arizona and member of the board of directors of Arizona Friends of Chamber Music.

• Lyn Tornabene, author, former entertainment editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and arts lover.

• Jessica L. Andrews, consultant, former executive director of Arizona Theatre Company.

•Harry Clark, cellist, playwright and co-founder of Chamber Music Plus Southwest.

• Kathleen Allen, arts editor and theater writer for the Arizona Daily Star.

• Cathalena Burch, classical-music writer and senior music writer for the Star.

• Joel Revzen, artistic director and principal conductor of the Arizona Opera.

If you go

• What: Panel discussion on "The Performing Arts and Arts Journalism in Tucson."

• Sponsored by: Arizona Daily Star and The Rogue Theatre.

• When: 3 p.m. Sunday.

• Where: The Rogue Theatre, 300 E. University Blvd.

• Information: 573-4128.

• Cost: Free.

• Et cetera: It's the last day of the Fourth Avenue Street Fair, but things generally start to wind down in mid-afternoon. Nevertheless, allow yourself some extra time to find a parking space.

Contact reporter Kathleen Allen at 573-4128 or