Tucsonans have long thought of public artist Barbara Grygutis as our own.

Seems like there are folks around the country who feel the same.

Grygutis will be at the Tucson Festival of Books with a gorgeous tome of her public art works around the country — she’s done about 75 on a grand scale. Clearly, she and her work are in demand.

Included in “Public Art/Public Space” are a few of her Tucson pieces, such as the towering Sonoran Passage sculptures over the Kino Parkway bridge, evoking desert plants in shiny aluminum that is nearly transparent, and the multi-piece sculpture, “Front Row Center,” that sits in front of the Marroney Theatre on the University of Arizona campus. But the book’s real joy is seeing the depth of Grygutis’ work. And knowing she lives in our city.

She will be at the festival participating in the panel discussion, “Women Breaking the Mold,” slated for 10 a.m., Saturday, March 11, in the Student Union Ventana.