As the days get hotter, we Tucsonans look forward to the fall.

Sure, for the cooler weather. But also because the performing arts season gets underway.

The Star is planning its fall performing arts preview for early September. Which means, arts groups, we need to hear from you.

We need your events, the dates, the location (with address, please) and a contact phone number and website, if you have one, for readers. In the case of theater, please include the playwright and a few lines describing the play.

Many organizations sent information when seasons were announced, but because things change, we're asking you to resubmit it.

The deadline is Aug. 9 - that may seem far, far away, but it'll be here before you know it. So don't dally!

Only emailed submissions will be accepted.

For music - including pop, world, choral and classical - send the information to Cathalena E. Burch at

Theater and dance information goes to Kathleen Allen,

Questions? Call 573-4128.