Jessica and Jacque Harris watch each other for cues as their dance shoes tap the ground in unison.

Improv is natural. Their conversation is easy. It should be.

The identical twins, 32, have danced together since taking first position as toddler ballerinas.

And then they discovered salsa dancing.

Jacque, dubbed the “Salsa Queen,” fell in love with the fiery dance first and teaches monthly salsa workshops. Jessica stuck with her beloved ballet until other styles such as jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, country and swing began creeping into her repertoire in high school and college.

The sisters both teach a variety of styles as dance instructors — Jessica at Shall We Dance, 4101 E. Grant Road, and Jacque with private lessons at Studio West School of Dance, 6061 E. Broadway, Suite 114. In their spare time, the twins are choreographing a theater arts dance.

Even as adult roomies, they have stayed close — though maybe not quite as close as in their days of dressing for double-takes, which mostly ended while studying music and dance at Pima Community College.

When Jacque decided to lop off her long hair for a pixie cut several years ago, the sisters had already started the fashion split, now less likely to be caught wearing the same outfit.

“I was the blue twin, and she was the pink twin,” Jessica says of the days when their parents made style decisions. “We would have the same outfit, but she hated pink. They didn’t know that she hated pink until I was older.”

These days, their styles look a little different. Jessica goes for bright patterns, while Jacque prefers darker solids.

Both admit to living in their dance clothes most days, so we asked them to strike a pose and talk style.

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