Comedian Kathy Griffin will join Anderson Cooper for CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast — a pairing that’s yielded awkward situations.


Funny lady Kathy Griffin returns to Tucson for an evening of celebrity bashing and true confessions at Desert Diamond Casino’s Diamond Entertainment Center Saturday.

The 52-year-year-old reality-TV star who parlayed her D-list celebrity-hood into an A-list Hollywood career wasn’t available to chat about her Tucson gig. So we turned to her most recent comedy special, “Calm Down

Gurrl,” for six things we hope to hear Saturday.

Convicted murderers love her: “I found out that ... Jodie Arias is following me on Twitter. So you can tweet from prison?”

Arizona “second freaking craziest state after Florida”: “Leave it to Arizona to have an obscure law where the jury can ask questions. Not if but when I kill someone ... I cannot imagine the jury asking me questions. What’s a jury of my peers? Andy Dick and Sarah Silverman?”

Her 34-year-old toy boy: “What am I thinking. Guys, there is an 18-year age difference. This is not right. Oh yeah, it’s really appropriate for me to talk to his mom about what her life is going to be like when she is my age.”

Meeting Barbra Streisand: “She sits down and she was incredibly nice and approachable. I said: ‘Hi, so nice to meet you. My name is Kathy Griffin. I’m a comedian. I would love it if you would just sing ‘People.’ ... She laughed and said ‘Oh, yeah, you know how I love singing at parties.’ ‘I know. Just two verses.’”

Justin Bieber’s identity crisis: “The Biebs is very thug. If there’s one thing I will always be amused by it is a rich, white, suburban kid who thinks he’s black.”

Amanda Bynes unraveled: “She seems to be part of this new wave of celebrities that can just do super-crazy stuff and get away with it because as we watch them we are fearing for their own safety and mental health to the point that no matter what they do, we’re like, ‘Oh.’ ”

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