A new company is offering to make your visit to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art less daunting — and fun.

Museum Hack leads two-hour tours through the Fifth Avenue museum, offering details about works of art not found on an official museum tour.

The Wall Street Journal says it focuses on overlooked works of art and intriguing and fun facts about more celebrated art.

The $39 interactive tour is not affiliated with the Met.

The company is operated by its founder Nick Gray and Mark Rosen, who holds a master’s in museology.

A rare chance to see Hildesheim treasures

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art will be holding an exhibition of medieval treasures from Germany’s Hildesheim Cathedral.

The cathedral was designated a UNESCO world cultural heritage site in 1985.

It contains one of the most complete objects of ecclesiastical furnishings and treasures in Europe. Many of them were made between the years 1000 and 1250.

The Met exhibition will feature about 50 objects from Sept. 17 to Jan. 5. Most have never been seen outside Europe.

The highlights include illuminated manuscripts, opulent jeweled crosses, and enamel and ivory decorated altars.

The cathedral is currently undergoing a major renovation.

The Associated Press

The Associated Press