Shira Maas plays the title character in "Pinkalicious" with a combination of mischief and excess.


Corban Olson knows what she likes.

And she likes pink.

So after the 5-year-old, decked out in a pink dress and pink cowboy boots with rhinestone hearts, saw Arizona Onstage Productions' "Pinkalicious: The Musical," she marched right downstairs from the Cabaret Theatre at the Temple of Music and Art to meet the cast.

Why wouldn't she? The play is about a young girl who loves pink so much that she gobbled down lots and lots of pink cupcakes. And turned pink.

"It was great," Corban said.

But she had more to say.

"Pink is my mostest favorite color. Pink dresses are my favorite, but my mostest favorite pink is pink glasses. I have a pair that is pink all around, and the sun turns pink when I go outside."

OK, now back to the play.

"This is my mostest favorite play. I've never seen a play like this before."

There you have it: Judging from Corban's enthusiasm and the long line of like-minded children waiting to meet the cast, "Pinkalicious" is a hit.

And it's no wonder. Based on the popular children's book series, the play has music, silliness and an adult cast that embraced the material without ever talking down to the audience, which on Sunday afternoon was large, enthusiastic and mostly young.

Shira Maas took on the title role, and she gave Pinkalicious a mischievousness and excessiveness that the children sitting on the floor in front of the stage adored. They got Pink's obsession and were cheering her on.

In truth, though, they embraced the whole cast: Bradford Hill as Pink's brother, Peter, who loved vegetables and hated that Pink got all the attention from their parents; Samantha Cormier as Pink's mom, who was rigid and very stingy with the pink cupcakes, allowing Pink to have just one; Brian Levario as Pink's dad, who doesn't have much time for silliness as he's a working man; Autumn Ruhe as Pink's best friend, Alison, and Maria Gallardo as the tap-dancing Dr. Wink, who hopes to cure Pink of her pink tinge.

The play is fast-moving, has songs wrapped in wit and, best of all, it is quality theater designed for children.

And that's our mostest favorite thing of all.


• What: Arizona Onstage Productions' "Pinkalicious - The Musical."

• By: Elizabeth and Victoria Kann and John Gregor.

• Directors: Kevin Johnson and Samantha Cormier.

• When: 7 p.m. today and Friday; 12:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

• Where: Cabaret Theatre at the Temple of Music and Art, 330 S. Scott Ave.

• Tickets: Today's performance is pay what you can. Other performances, $15 for 17 and under; $20 for adults. Discount tickets available.

• Reservations, information:

• Running time: About 55 minutes.