(With apologies to Jane Austen):

It is a truth universally acknowledged — or should be — that rock musicals just don’t work at Centennial Hall.

At the Friday opening of “Mamma Mia!” which Broadway in Tucson has brought here for a five-show run, the musical was a mass of muddy sounds and occasional feedback.

And that’s kind of a shame to do to the catchy ABBA tunes that are the reason for this thinner-than-Mount-Lemmon air show.

And a shame to do to the cast, led by the talented Chelsea Williams, who plays the looking-for-her-father bride to be, and Georgia Kate Haege, who gave some oomph to Sophie’s freewheeling mom, Donna.

The whole cast was just bursting with energy. They travel almost constantly, taking a bus from city to city to put on five shows in three days, give or take a few. It’s astounding than have any energy at all, let alone enough to put Tucson Electric out of business. But they do, they do.

I, on the other hand, admit to “Momma Mia!” fatigue. The show has been here five times since 2003. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s not the kind of play that reveals a bit more each time you see it. Still, the hall was packed tonight.

And, truth be told, there’s something pretty darn contagious about the music and this cast. 

Now, if that sound at Centennial could just be fixed. …