Nogales, Sonora, invites you to have a tequila.

This weekend, beginning Friday, Nogales will host the Fourth Annual Tequila Festival. Avenida Obregón, the city's principal commercial strip, will be lined with performance stages and tasting booths.

The festival is from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. through Saturday and will feature more than 100 brands of tequila from the state of Jalisco.

Visitors may park in Nogales, Arizona, and walk across the DeConcini Port of Entry to the festivities.

In conjunction with the tequila tasting, the Nogales Museum of Art will host an exhibition of works by artists Miguel Ángel Grijalva of Tucson, actor Carlos Ramos of Magdalena de Kino, and Margarita Ramírez de Celaya of Caborca.

Tequila tasters will be required to purchase a wrist band for $5, which will allow them to sample drinks.