The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen lists its burgers under the heading "Two Paws."

You definitely need two meaty hands - and about that many stomachs - to down one of these suckers. Weighing in at a half pound and an impressive height with all the toppings and a fluffy, grilled-on-the-underside bun, these bad boys are by-the-book, like bacon and blue cheese and mushroom and Swiss, or flat-out over-the-top, like the LSK ($9.99), juicy beef topped with crisp, Applewood-smoked bacon strips, crunchy fried onion strings, sweet tomato wheels and lettuce.

Definitely not for the feint of stomach: The Sasquatch ($15.99). That would be a juicy one-half-pound patty snuggled inside two - TWO - grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen, 7265 N La Cholla Blvd., 219-8528.

Kristen Cook