Baby Girl has a new home. 

The young Cattle Dog-mix who had become a favorite of the volunteers at the Pima Animal Care Center was adopted this afternoon.  

"She has a chance to be the Cattle Dog that she was meant to be, and to have an active and stimulating life," a very happy Christy Holliger  said today.

Baby Girl had been slated to be euthanized if she did not find a home by Tuesday afternoon.

Last week her plight was posted on Facebook at PACC Pets Need You (a volunteer-run page dedicated to networking Pima Animal Care Center's pets):

"Baby Girl is the sweetest little love you will ever meet. She loves to run, play, cuddle, wiggle and play in the water. She knows lots of tricks and loves to learn. She has done well with other dogs and all people. At her kennel she hides her beautiful personality. She is so frustrated from being in a kennel for months that she has become noisy and reactive to dogs going by. Once she comes out she is ready to show you her lovely personality. Kennel life is especially hard on working dogs like Baby Girl. She is super smart and athletic and being in a kennel is destroying her spirit. She needs an active home willing to keep her stimulated with walks, runs, hikes games and maybe some jobs like bird chaser, newspaper getter, protector of the sofa. She is a favorite of our shelter running and walking club. She has also been attending in-shelter training where she is a star."

"Baby Girl is currently on a bite hold because she snuck out of her kennel after her walk, was being fence reactive with another kenneled dog and the volunteer who tried to get the leash around her got their hand between and was bitten. I can attest to what a sweet girl she is. Being in mandatory isolation for 10 days is already taking it's toll on her. She is a lovely girl who needs an angel to commit before 7/15 or she will not get another chance."

Last month, Baby Girl was pictured in the Star's Caliente section as part of a profile of Holliger, a triathlete who founded the Tucson Ruff Runners. The volunteer group pairs energetic people with canine counterparts at PACC for a run or walk around Christopher Columbus Park on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.

Holliger had been volunteering at PACC and after running with some of the high-energy dogs noticed that it helped them learn leash skills and how to socialize with other animals and people.  

Baby Girl quickly became a Ruff Runner favorite.  

She was a calm, social dog when she arrived at the shelter as a stray in April, Michelle Lindorff, PACC's rescue coordinator said. But she is also a high drive dog who's not cut out for staying in a kennel for months on end. The confinement started to take a toll.

Shelter overcrowding also adds to the stress and makes adoptions harder. "When there are 600 dogs here it's easy for people to just pass them by," Lindorff said, when asked why Baby Girl had yet to be adopted.

"Mentally she's done with this place," Lindorff said Saturday. "It's just not right to keep her in the kennels in the state that she's in."   

 PACC extended the deadline by a day because the thunderstorm that swept through the area prevented a proper introduction with the prospective owner.
This morning Holliger took Baby Girl with her to work to give her some time away from the shelter. "She came out with a great attitude — she was playful and happy and very affectionate," Holliger said.
This afternoon Holliger learned that the meeting with the prospective adopter was a success and that Baby Girl will be going to her new home on Friday. That will give the new owner the weekend to help her adjust.
Baby Girl will spend the next few days at Sol.Dog, a training and boarding center, where she will work on her transition from the shelter life. 
"I'm just thrilled that she's going to get a second chance," Holliger said, also crediting a new rescue group, Big Head, Bigger Hearts, with helping facilitate the meeting with the prospective owner and with many details of the rescue.

 Earlier this month, Holliger's Facebook appeal to help another Ruff Runner favorite, Jamie, find a ride to a waiting home in Milwaukee, resulted in an outpouring of interest across several states.