The monsoon brings needed rain, but storms can terrify animals.

Courtesy of Humane Society of Southern Arizona

This just in from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona:

With a strike of lighting and a crackle of thunder, monsoon weather can be refreshing and uplifting, but not for some dogs and cats.

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona reminds you of some ways to keep your pets calm, happy and relaxed during these seasonal storms.

Many dogs and cats are afraid of the loud noises associated with summer thunderstorms, causing pets to jump fences and run great distances from home trying to escape the commotion. Some dogs are so terrified by the sounds of thunderstorms their reactions can result in harm to themselves. Here are some tips that all pet owners should follow to ensure their pets’ safety:

• Keep your pet indoors and for pets with extreme sensitivity if possible, create a ‘den-like’ environment e.g. crate, room or walk-in closet free of windows.

• If at all possible, remain home with your pet to provide comfort and security.

• Turn on a TV or radio to provide soothing sounds that will distract your pet from outside noises.

• Animals that are extremely sensitive to noise may benefit from the use of veterinarian-prescribed sedative.

• Try using a Thunder Shirt to keep your pet calm. Shirts fit snugly on pets providing all-around pressure and minimizing anxiety and bringing relief.

• Keep a well-fitting collar and identification tag with current contact information on your pet and have your pet microchipped; keep contact information current.

If your pet becomes lost, immediately call HSSA’s Lost and Found Department at 327-6088, ext. 111, and the county shelter, Pima Animal Care Center, at 243-5900 to file a lost report and get information on conducting an effective search. Be sure to visit the HSSA and Pima Animal Care at least every other day to look for your pet in person.