Fostering an animal is one of the best ways to volunteer.

Trudy is a sweet 3-year-old pit bull mix who gets along with dogs, cats and kids. If it weren't for her foster mom,  Angie, she wouldn't have the opportunity to find the forever home that she's still waiting for. If you would like to provide her that forever home, please contact her foster mom at 440-3588.



Top Five Reasons to Foster a Dog


1. Save two lives – the life of the foster dog and the life of the new dog coming into the shelter who needs the space.

2. Improve adoptability of the dog being fostered through socialization and training in your loving home.

3. Reduce the risk of illness by getting the foster dog out of the shelter environment.

4. Enhance quality of life by eliminating the stress of the shelter environment.

5. Eliminate for the foster dog the risk of euthanasia due to lack of shelter space.

But if you say, I can’t because I will get too attached, remember this saying (author unknown):

I would rather cry watching them leave our home to go live a full, good life in a loving forever home of their own,

Than cry because no one stepped up for them in the shelter where they died all alone, scared, unwanted and unloved.

Please help. Contact BRDG, Inc. at or call 390-6904 for more information.

 Contributed by Mary A. de Ranitz, a founding member of Bridge Rescue for Dogs (BRDG, Inc.).