Organizers of the annual All Souls Procession issued a plea for help via Facebook today.

The annual tribute to lost loved ones needs $7,500 "in the coming days," with more than half of that required by Monday.

The post cites several pressing financial obligations, including the need for a down payment on barricades and a stipend for the finale guest band, A Tribe Called Red.

It asks that people donate through its official website.

A copy of the full post is below:

Friends of the All Souls Procession, we have a potential problem. $7,000 worth of payments need to be made in the coming days, with over half that by this Monday, Oct.7.

Chiefly and most pressingly, money needs to be paid to our traffic safety provider as well as our finale guest musicians A Tribe Called Red, but also toward poster printing and reproductions, and Tucson Dept. of Public Safety expenses for Procession night.

Of the five barricade companies in Tucson able to do the work needed for Procession night, two offered us bids: one for $26,000, and the other for $9,600. We took the latter of course, but that bid for $9,600 could potentially be revoked if down payment isn't made, at an additional cost of almost 3 times higher.

Our most immediate goal is $4,300 by Monday to cover the barricade down payment and stipend toward A Tribe Called Red for the Finale, youth workshop and Dance of the Dead. If you're going to make a donation this season, now is the time to do it. Below the donation link here we will provide a summary breakdown of barricading costs for you, to give a better idea of what all is involved in essential All Souls Procession infrastructure.

You can also help the effort considerably by sharing this post with your friends.

As always, we THANK YOU for supporting the All Souls Procession! Much love and gratitude!

Donation by Network For Good (recommended and preferred) or Paypal over our website:

Procession needs $7,500 to pay for barricades, finale band