About this time of year, a cruise sounds mighty fine. And that’s exactly what the Central Tucson Gallery Association has in mind.

Sure, this one doesn’t have open seas and elaborate meals 24-7. But it’s got something just as nourishing: Art. And an advantage over your traditional cruises: It’s free.

The annual event is slated for Saturday, and it promises some thrilling viewing.

A sampling:

  • Davis Dominquez Gallery’s show, “Small Things Considered,” has small works by more than 80 people, many of them by artists we’ve known and loved, among them: Cristina Cardenas, Tom Philabaum, and the late Bruce McGrew.
  • Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery, whose current show, “Mujeres, Mujeres, Mujeres” gives exposure to the women artists among us.
  • The new gallery, Baker + Hesseldenz Fine Art, which is featuring dream-like photography by Jennifer Shaw and Tobia Makover.

The galleries will be open during the day, but starting around 6 p.m., many will have artists receptions, maybe food, maybe entertainment, and definitely intriguing art.

The participating galleries:

The Drawing Studio

33 S. 6th Ave.


On view: TDFS Faculty and Students, Saturday through July 12. Show concentrates on works that play on words.

Raices Taller 222 Gallery

218 E. 6th St.


On view: “Mujeres, Mujeres, Mujeres,” works by women artists, through June 14.

Davis Dominguez Gallery

154 E. 6th St.

On view: “Small Things Considered” through June 28. Reception is 6-8 p.m. Saturday.

Philabaum Glass Gallery

711 S. 6th Ave.

On view: “Tom Philabaum and Friends,” glassworks. The gallery will be open 10:30-4 p.m. Saturday, but will have no evening hours.

Baker + Hesseldenz Design/Fine Art

100 E. 6th St.


On view: Photography by Tobia Makover and Jennifer Shaw, through June 28. Open only from 6-9 p.m.

Contreras Gallery

110 E. 6th St.

On view: “Dogboy Trinity,” works by Indian artists Dwayne Manuel, Jeremy Singer, and David Moreno.