Tucson singer back on the road with KT Tunstall.


Tucson singer-songwriter Brian Lopez has finally made it to Nashville.

After years of attempts — all thwarted by one vehicle breakdown or hiccup after another — he arrived in Music City to open a show for Scottish singer-songwriter K.T. Tunstell.

On his Facebook, Lopez said his Nashville curse is broken.

"Im in Nashville for the first time in my life....Every time I've had a gig here in the past, a tour bus breaks down or something along those lines and I've always have to cancel. But nope, not this time. Bus made it and, thus, the curse is broken. Nashville, I've arrived," he posted just after 9 a.m. today.

The tour plays Nashville's Belcourt Theatre tonight . The tour includes stops in Minnesota, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, California, Oregon and Washington before closing in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Oct. 17.