Pinal County Sheriff's deputies line the fence waiting for their shift.

Country music is best enjoyed on your feet, but if your feet take you to the catwalk tonight when Miranda Lambert is on stage, don't be surprised if a Pinal County Sheriff's deputy waves you back to your seat.

"It's about the safety of the artist," said Deputy Louis Felix, who was standing by this afternoon for Charlie Warsham's show. "We don't do it for any other reason."

Felix, who confesses he's not a country fan, said fans often haul up guitars or hats or photos to the catwalk in hopes of attracting the artist's attention for an autograph. And when they pile that stuff up on the ramp it poses a safety potential.

 Most of the time, deputies and security will keep their distance until the crowd becomes so thick "we can't see the stage," Felix said. That's when they will politely shuttle fans back to their seats.