Margot Kidder returns to Tucson Sunday for a show with Chamber Music Plus.

This is her third performance with Harry Clark and Sanda Schuldmann, whose CMP stages a series of musical portraits.

In a recent interview from her home in Montana, Kidder ("Superman") said she absolutely adores Clark and the stories he creates from snippets of musical life based on famous composers.

Kidder will give a dramatic reading of his piece “Sister-in-Law Beethoven,” the little-told story of Beethoven's long battle to gain full custody of his nephew.

“When you put beautiful words to beautiful music, you get this third thing and I don’t know what you call it,” Kidder said, calling Clark a genius and gushing at the opportunity to work with him this weekend for the third time. “I think these pieces are exquisite.”

Clark, a cellist, and his pianist wife Sanda Schuldmann will perform music from Beethoven while Kidder does the dramatic reading at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Berger Center for the Performing Arts, 1200 W. Speedway. Tickets are $40 here at the door. Details: Call 400-5439.