Folks who saw Derrick and Amy Ross perform as Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl said they could see how bonded they were.

Greg Bryan / Arizona Daily Star 2011

Facebook has been blazing since news of the deaths of Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl's Amy and Derrick Ross broke Tuesday.

The couple's Facebook pages have been flooded with condolences and folks posting memories of the couple, who had performed as a singer-songwriter duo since 2003. Amy Ross died Monday as she was about to go into surgery at Tucson Medical Center. Derrick Ross committed suicide sometime Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

Among the posts: 

Stephen Vukovich of Ohio: "There is little to say that seems to make a difference here - but one thing I will always remember is that you made a difference. Sometimes you meet people that you know you will always remember because they stand out, they shine and leave your heart light after seeing them. And you are one of them."

• Billye VeghAtout from Phoenix: "I can't believe what in reading. Derrick - my sweet darling friend from back in the day.... I have so many fond memories of camping and starry night adventures, lots of laughter and of course always good music. You were always an angel - I guess now it's official. I'm just sad I didn't get a chance to see you one last time. But from the Arabian sands I send my love."

• Lonna Beth Kelley of Phoenix: ".....There are too many moments, too many laughs, too many songs, too much to write in this tiny space. That's all it is, just space and rocket ships and smiles and bright shiny stars. Everything that everyone has said and way more until infinity. Thank you for the beautiful music and for your friendship and the love. So beautiful...all of it. Amy and Derrick Ross. I love you. I'll see you when I get there. Send my love...please and goodnight."

Click here and here to read more, see pictures of the couple through the years and watch videos of their performances. Click here for a link to Bisbee comedian Doug Stanhope's podcast with Derrick last Friday discussing Amy Ross's health. Warning: The podcast has explicit language.