Arizona Symphonic Winds conductor László Veres canceled the volunteer orchestra's March 23 spring concert after finding out Monday that he would have to undergo emergency surgery to install a pacemaker.

Veres said he will have the procedure Wednesday at Tucson Medical Center.

Veres, 76, said he started feeling winded the last few days, and initially dismissed it to the windy weather. But by Monday, he noticed his heartbeat seemed irregular and his legs were swollen.

He called his doctor Monday morning and arranged to be seen in the afternoon. Despite his condition, Veres, who regularly exercises and said he watches his diet, said he participated in a Zumba exercise class Monday morning.

Veres said he has had no issues since he had open heart surgery in 1988.

Veres said he anticipates being back at the podium in time to rehearse Symphonic Winds for its 25th annual parks concert series in May at Udall Park. Veres formed the ensemble 29 years ago.

He also leads the professional Tucson Pops Orchestra, which performs a few concerts each fall and spring at Reid Park. Dates for the spring series have not been finalized.

The Pops orchestra, comprised of moonlighting Tucson Symphony Orchestra and University of Arizona musicians, has been performing at Reid Park nearly 60 years. Veres had led them the past 18 years.

In addition to the Winds and Pops, Veres, who taught for decades in Tucson public schools, is conductor of the multigenerational Foothills Phil ensemble.