Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star

FLORENCE — Jana Kramer waited until her final song at Country Thunder Friday afternoon before she kicked off her impossibly high heels.

“I’m taking these heels off because my feet are fricking numb,” she said, then strutted barefoot down the catwalk where a sea of outstretched hands — most belonging to men — greeted her.

The bare feet and the men vying for her attention played into the song she was singing: a get-back-at-the-boyfriend snarky ode aptly titled “Walk All Over.”

Kramer knows a thing or two about snarky songs that set men straight. She has a few in her wheelhouse, including her latest single “Whiskey” and a new self-penned song that she hopes lands on her second album.

“Can I play you my new song?” she asked and the audience cheered her on as she lit into a frolicking love song about the thrill of being called darling.

The audience of several thousand erupted in cheers; if she was looking for validation, she got it.

Then the woman who describes herself as “sass with class” went from sweet and in love to scorned and seeking revenge.

“I’m engaged and happy and all that,” said Kramer, whose fiancé, country rocker Brantley Gilbert, stood on the same stage Thursday night. “However I do have some ex-boyfriends that I would not mind killing.”

It was the perfect segue for “I Hope It Rains,” a song that proposes all sorts of delicious, devilish scenarios for an ex who has moved on.

Kramer road-tested one more new song on the audience, a spirited romp that set

out the rules for dating her. You can put your hand on her knee and let it sit there awhile, but don’t touch her radio.

If the audience at Country Thunder had its way, that song would zip into the No. 1 spot.

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