The joint starts jumpin’ every time the juke box blares out "Boot Scootin' Boogie" by famed country music duo Brooks & Dunn.

The swingy, honky-tonk tune was the duo's fourth #1 country hit for Brooks & Dunn. It was also included on the duo's album "Brand New Man" and a dance mix of "Boot Scootin' Boogie" is on on Brooks & Dunn's 1993 album "Hard Workin' Man." It was a crossover hit for Brooks & Dunn, getting plays on pop music stations.

Before he teamed up with Kix Brooks to form Brooks & Dunn, Ronnie Dunn wrote the kicking tune for the band Asleep at the Wheel, which recorded "Boot Scootin' Boogie" on its 1990 album "Keepin' Me Up Nights."  

The song is about a hard-working guy who unwinds and dances at a favorite honky tonk. The signature, popular-at-country-bars line dance, originated when choreographer Bill Bader noticed the title on the Asleep At The Wheel album.

He came up with the choreography and started teaching the line dance in Vancouver, where it was also known as the "Vancouver Boogie." The dance spread to the US, according to, and became a favorite even at bars that didn't specialize in country music

So to get you Boot Scootin' this weekend, here's a video of Brooks & Dunn performing and a video of the line dance. Anyone can do it. Watch it a few times and you'll be stomping and clapping at the right time. Here's a link to the step sheet to help you out. 

Now, get ready to "Oh get down, turn around go to town boot scootin' boogie ..." 

Sources: Arizona Daily Star archives