It's bound to happen this spring wedding season. Into the dancing portion of the reception, the DJ puts on a bright, hoppy tune and everyone (almost) pops up, gets in lines and starts doing the grapevine, clapping and turning. It's like living a music video. 

"You can't see it

"It's electric!

"You gotta feel it

"It's electric!

"Ooh, it's shakin'

"It's electric!"

To paraphrase: From the music you just can't hide ... you need to learn the Electric Slide.

It's a relativity easy, 22-step, four-wall line dance set to the reggae royalty Marcia Griffiths' song "Electric Boogie." Don't let the term "four wall" make you nervous. In dance terms a wall is merely the direction the dancers face at any given time. That means in the Electric Slide dancers turn in four directions. And don't let the 22-steps seem overwhelming — some of them are simple grapevine steps that you learned in aerobics class.

Griffiths' "Electric Boogie" was released in 1989 and was originally recorded in 1976 by Bunny Wailer.

Ric Silver, choreographer and creator of Electric Slide, has tried to preserve his 22-step dance. After some legal wrangling, YouTube videos of people performing variations, say the popular 18-step dance variation or the 24-step cowboy version, must carry the listing "a variation of 'The Electric' choreographed by Richard Silver."

To get you ready for the wedding of your best bud or your second-cousin, twice-removed, we've linked the step chart and you can click on videos of Silver teaching the steps. And to really get you moving, we've posted Griffiths' song with dancers.

"You can't resist it. It's electric boogie woogie woogie, you can't do without it, it's electric ..."

Sources: Arizona Daily Star archives