Friday is National Taco Day — a holiday that comes as something of a surprise by folks you'd expect would be very intone to a day devoted to Mexico's beloved street food.

Not that it would necessarily be on their radar. It is, after all, a made up event meant to promote sales of tacos across the land. And it's relatively new in the scheme of made-up holidays: It started back in 2009, and chances are with the recession still stinging, not many taco eateries were in the mood to offer bargains.

After calling several Tucson restaurants with "taco" in their name and finding that hardly any of them had ever heard of National Taco Day, we determined that perhaps you don't really need a holiday to celebrate tacos. But for those who do, here's two Tucson restaurants feting the simple beauty of a corn tortilla (flour for non-purists) fat with filling (everything from exotic meats to beans and veg) and drizzled with salsa (or chile sauce, from mild to maddening hot).

Sir Veza's Taco Garage — with two Tucson locations — has picked National Taco as the perfect time to introduce its new menu and give Tucson a taste. The menu includes street tacos made with handmade corn tortillas, a new carnitas recipe and an $8 weekday lunch menu.

Sir Veza's is at 4699 E. Speedway and 220 W. Wetmore Road at the Tucson Mall.

Boca Taco, the University of Arizona purveyor of extraordinary and sometimes exotic tacos, is offering taco and beer specials throughout the day Friday at 4699 E. Speedway.