Eric Buss describes "Wizard Wars" as "'Chopped,' but with teleporting puppies."

"There are four magicians and they give you three objects and you have to come up with a routine," the Tucson-born comic magician said from home in Los Angeles.

His objects: Plastic milk crates, dog treats and a real, live German Shepherd puppy.

Buss wouldn't divulge exactly what he did for the show's "Puppy Love" episode, airing Tuesday on the Syfy network, nor whether he left with the $10,000 prize except to say that "Tucson should watch."

“It’s a very fun concept," he said of "Wizard Wars," which he filmed in May. "I do enjoy the creative process almost as much as I enjoy the performing."

Meanwhile you can catch Buss Friday and again on Sept. 19 on the CW's "Masters of Illusions" show.

Buss, who got his start in magic as a teen growing up in Tucson, has appeared on a number of national TV shows including "The Late Show With David Letterman" and "America's Got Talent." He is coming home to Tucson Feb. 7 for his annual "Shenanigans" showcase with a few fellow magicians.