The new pub specializes in European beers. 

Courtesy of the Dusty Monk Pub

Beer enthusiasts, especially those with a thing for European brews, have a new place to call home.

The Dusty Monk Pub opened its doors earlier this month on the southeast corner of the Old Town Artisans block, 201 N. Court Avenue, downtown.

The pub, an offshoot of the resident restaurant La Cocina, offers a large selection of sometimes hard-to-find European beers.

Some of its more unique menu items: Trappist beers, made in Trappist abbeys in Belgium, the Netherlands and other parts of Europe, and a Duchesse de Bourgogne Flanders red ale-style beer, another Belgian creation named after Duchess Mary of Burgundy.

“(The Duchesse) is this amazing, balsamic vinegar, plum raisin, crazy flavored beer that has a worldwide following,” said Churchill Brauninger, bar manager for both La Cocina and the Dusty Monk.

The Dusty Monk Pub is Brauninger’s baby. It was Brauninger who suggested to La Cocina owner Jo Schneider that they convert La Cocina’s extra dining space into a second bar.

The San Francisco transplant thought the timing was right.

“The beer awareness in town has gone through the roof,” he said. “Tucson has already started down the beer-geek rabbit hole with places like Tap & Bottle. I thought it would be fun to have a whole bar dedicated to these really esoteric labels.”

In addition to the beer, the pub also sports an extensive whiskey menu.

Brauninger said The Dusty Monk will focus on the European beers and whiskey selections while La Cocina’s cantina will feature the restaurant’s craft beer and tequila options.

“It is kind of like taking two bites from the same apple,” he said. “It’s doubling up with what we do on the same property."

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