The Mavericks frontman ordered security to leave the Fox last Thursday.

Fox Tucson Theatre may reconsider how it sells some of its concerts after a debacle at last Thursday’s Mavericks show.

The downtown venue could go to all general assignment seating or possibly carve out an area near the stage for fans to dance, said Fox Executive Director Craig Sumberg.

“We are doing more ... shows, where people want to stand up and dance at the show,” Sumberg said. “For shows that are likely to be like this ... I’m considering booking those a different way going forward.”

The possible change comes after Fox security and Mavericks’ frontman Raul Malo clashed at the Mavericks show after security tried to force fans to sit down and put away cellphone cameras. Malo several times yelled at security personnel, including cursing at one, and told Sumberg from the stage that he wanted security out of the hall.

Mavericks founding drummer Paul Deakin said the security was excessive and bordered on “oppressive.”

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