Bacon’s everywhere it shouldn’t be — ice cream, coffee, apple pie, even vodka.

It’s infiltrated so many foods, where it seemingly doesn’t belong, and only made them better. Bacon’s so beloved that several cities devote entire festivals — that sell out within minutes — to nature’s most perfect food.

Now, Tucson’s puttin’ on the hog.

Arizona Bacon Fest hits noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at the DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center in Reid Park. More than 20 restaurants are expected to participate, along with several beer vendors and local breweries in Tucson’s first bacon-ganza.

As it says more than once on the Arizona Bacon Fest Facebook page, “Praise the lard.”

The event benefits nonprofit, community-based behavioral health center La Frontera Arizona.

Eateries aren’t squealing about what will be up for nibbling — lest someone swipe their ideas for swine specialties — but eventgoers should be ready for just about everything.

“They can expect anything from sweet to salty, crunchy to chewy — each tent will involve some form of bacon,” said Rob Betancourt of Main and Mace Public Relations, which organized the festival with A-List 520.

Among the eateries taking part in the festival: The Parish gastropub, BK Carne Asada & Hotdogs, Cup Quequitos (just what it sounds like — cupcakes), Brush Fire BBQ Co. and On a Roll sushi restaurant.

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