Barbara Bates Smith and her show “Go, Granny D!,” brings the story of activist Doris Haddock to Invisible Theatre.

Barbara Bates Smith Productions

At the dawn of 1999, a few weeks before Doris Haddock turned 89, she strapped on sneakers and began a walk across the country in an attempt to bring attention to campaign finance reform.

It took her 14 months to walk 3,200 miles, starting in Pasadena, Calif., stopping in Tucson in March, and ending on the steps of the Capitol in Washington.

She also ran for the senate refusing private contributions, and was arrested for illegally demonstrating inside the Capitol Rotunda.

Granny D, as she liked to be called, was 100 and still fighting when she died in 2010.

But she returns to Tucson again this weekend thanks to Barbara Bates Smith and her show “Go, Granny D!,” presented by Invisible Theatre.

Smith based the play on Haddock’s biography; Jeff Sebens wrote the music for the piece.

The one-act, 70-minute production will be followed by a talk — because, no doubt, Granny D has given us much to talk about.

Performances are 8 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday at Invisible Theatre, 1400 N. First Ave. Tickets are $35 at 882-9721 or