Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails GM Rick Cano updated Hi-Fi's response to a Tucson native saying he was denied entry to the Scottsdale club because he was wearing a UA ball cap.

Cano statement, posted 30 minutes ago,  said:

"The gentleman who was denied entry to our Scottsdale location was not allowed into the establishment because he was out of dress code. He was in no way denied entry due to UA Attire.

We chose to open a location in Tucson because we want to work with the University and have great respect for their fans. Our management team is led by UA Alumni and our staff consists of an army of Wildcats. We would not have chosen to open in Tucson if we didn’t care about the city’s deep connection to the University and its Athletics.

We apologize for the confusion and look forward to supporting the city of Tucson, the University of Arizona and its fans for years to come."

The earlier statement, which has since been removed, said:


Looks like an explanation is in order. The video circulating around, was a door rejection based on our after 5 p.m. dress code. It has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with his U of A gear. Plain and simple. After 5, we begin the transition to a dinner atmosphere, and nightclub thereafter. I know, I know...but a dress code comes along with the territory.

To claim we're not welcoming of Wildcats is just rubbish! I mean, we're hosting a Wildcat viewing party this Thursday, not to mention one of our sister bars is Wildcat headquarters. Sun Devils, Wildcats, Ducks, Gators, Billikens ... every one is welcome, so retract the claws, Cats, we come in peace!"

In a video posted by Tucson native and longtime Phoenix resident Michael Underwood, a bouncer at the Scottsdale club told him he could not come into the club because he was wearing a Wildcats ball cap. Underwood removed the hat and put it in his car, but was then told he couldn't come in because his shirt and shoes were the same color.

In the video, Underwood scanned over the crowd on the outdoor patio feet away from the bouncer. Several men in the video were wearing ball caps and athletic T-shirts.

Hi -Fi is opening its downtown Tucson location in late April.