Jack in the Box is targeting partiers with its newest creation, Jack's Munchie Meals.

This a meal that surely dwarfs any other so-called value meal out there, and it's offered late at night — from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

“Its basically targeted to people who work late at night or people who go out and party late night," said Laura Olguin, CEO and operator of the Jack in the Box franchises in Tucson.

Here's the deal: $6 gets you a monster sandwich — choice of a grilled cheese sandwich-topped Stacked Grilled Cheeseburger, chicken nuggets drowning in cheese sauce and bacon ranch dressing, an Exploding Cheesy Chicken sandwich with a secret weapon of deep-fried mozzarella cheese sticks or the Brunch Burger, which combines a cheeseburger with egg, hashbrowns and bacon — two tacos, Halfsie fries (half fries and curly fries), and a regular drink.

To add to the party theme: Servers greet you with "Welcome to Jack's party" and dance music thumps from the dining room. Your monster meal is wrapped in a pretty purple box.

Olguin introduced the new menu last week at her 22 TucsonJack in the Box restaurants and her five others throughout Southern Arizona. Jack in the Box will roll out national ads for the campaign beginning Monday, Olguin said.

Olguin said sales of the munchies meals are particularly well at her restaurant on the corner of North Park Avenue and East Speedway on the edge of the University of Arizona campus.

We won't divulge the munchies madness calorie count; that would be cruel