The Tucson family that brought us decadent desserts on the go is rolling out scratch-made ramen noodles made from locally sourced wheat.

But that’s not the exciting news about Tucson Fat Noodle food truck.

Ramon Gonzales and his mother, Linda, will feature pork belly in several of their dishes, including the signature Tomkotsu Ramen: handcrafted noodles cooked in a rich, creamy pork-bone broth, topped with fresh locally sourced vegetables and a hunk of braised, quick-seared pork belly. The whole, decadent concoction is topped with a six-minute egg, its yolk spilling out and adding another layer of richness.

“This is fall apart in your mouth, wonderful pork belly,” gushed Fat Noodle chef Tucker Hartford, who has spent time cooking at Cup Cafe and Union Public House.

Hartford and Gonzales have been working on Tucson Fat Noodle for a year, testing recipes and studying the art of ramen. The idea, Tucker said, is to create dishes that fuse Mexican and Japanese cuisines, including ceviche spring rolls and pork belly lettuce wraps, to create comfort food “so simple kids of all ages will smile, at the same time so complex it boggles the mind of the most scrupulous gourmet,” according to the truck’s Facebook page.

Fat Noodle is the second food truck for the Gonzaleses, who rolled out Street Delights, a dessert truck that includes deconstructed fruit pies and handheld cakes, in summer 2011.

Gonzales said the truck is almost ready for the road.