Wonderful 'wiches are just waiting for you

Server Nicolette MacIntosh brings out an order for a large lunch group at Sam-Witches and Such, 6520 E. Tanque Verde Road.


When done right, a sandwich is a beautiful thing.

Done wrong, it gets traded at lunch for something better, like a half-eaten bag of chips. Or worse, just outright tossed into the trash.

A ’wich from Sam-Witches and Such would most certainly not get chucked. The new restaurant knows its ’wichcraft: fresh bread and buns able to stand up to what’s piled inside, which on our visits were top-notch deli meats and juicy, stuffed burger patties.

Sam-Witches opened in February in the former China Thai Cuisine location, 6502 E Tanque Verde Road, by first-time restaurant owners Tiffany and Ryan Paris. They wanted to open a place that served the kind of food they like and grew up with — simple, old-fashioned American fare. Biscuits and gravy, burgers, chili.

As the Parises intended, this isn’t fancy-dancy food; it’s homespun and hearty with a few creative touches tossed in here and there. See the fried Nutella and banana sandwich on the menu? That’s what I’m talking about.

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