You don’t need to be Bigfoot to eat at The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen.

But it helps.

Entrees arrive on platters. Burgers — including one with two grilled cheese sandwiches in lieu of a bun — teeter so high that you practically need unhinging jaws. Unless you’ve got a sasquatch-sized stomach, there’s no way you’re polishing off the plates here.

The newcomer — The Lodge opened in late December near the Foothills Mall in the former My Big Fat Greek Restaurant — is the latest offering from Phoenix restaurateur Aaron May, the chef behind May’s Counter Chicken & Waffles on East Speedway.

The Lodge, 7265 N. La Cholla Blvd., is dressed up like a hunting lodge meets sports bar chic with all the comforts of home including comfort food. But the menu does offer fancy twists like buffalo in the meatloaf and lamb in the stew, along with playful touches. The baked mac and cheese featured corkscrew pasta spiked with green chile and came topped with fluorescent orange powder, the unmistakable hue of crushed Cheetos. The cheesecake’s not-so-secret ingredient is Velveeta. For reals.

Then there's the Buffalo Meatloaf, a Wisconsin Friday fish fry, with authentic Famous Fried Walleye and “schweets” for the sweets. We could go on, but check out Caliente on Thursday to find out just what we thought of The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen.