Tucson-born magician getting a lot of TV time

2014-08-22T00:00:00Z 2015-09-30T10:59:35Z Tucson-born magician getting a lot of TV timeBy Cathalena E. Burch Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

Eric Buss describes “Wizard Wars” as “‘Chopped,’ but with teleporting puppies.”

“There are four magicians and they give you three objects and you have to come up with a routine,” the Tucson-born comic magician said from home in Los Angeles.

His objects: plastic milk crates, dog treats and a real German shepherd puppy.

Buss wouldn’t divulge exactly what he did for the show’s “Puppy Love” episode, airing Tuesday on the Syfy network, nor whether he left with the $10,000 prize except to say that “Tucson should watch.” The episode was filmed in May.

“It’s a very fun concept,” Buss said of “Wizard Wars.” “I do enjoy the creative process almost as much as I enjoy the performing.”

Meanwhile, you can catch Buss on Friday and again on Sept. 19 on the CW’s “Masters of Illusions” show.

Buss, who got his start in magic as a teen growing up in Tucson, has appeared on a number of national TV shows including “The Late Show With David Letterman” and “America’s Got Talent.” He is coming home to Tucson Feb. 7 for his annual “Shenanigans” showcase with a few fellow magicians.

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