Courtesy of Sean Scott

Tucson’s mobile purveyor of grilled cheese goodness, the food truck Cheesy Rider, will soon have a brick-and-mortar shop at the Foothills Mall.

Business partners Sean Scott and Robert Bruce are expanding their cheesy empire into the old Cousins Subs spot in the mall food court.

The space is currently undergoing renovations and a thorough cleaning. Scott said they hope to be up and running by Sept. 8.

The location will keep the same Cheesy Rider menu at its core, but will take advantage of the extra room by expanding its offerings.

In addition to its selection of grilled cheese sandwiches, it will feature a Sonoran hot dog, three types of soups and three salads, including a topopo salad. Scott said they hope to partner with a local dessert vendor for some sort of pastry option.

The Cheesy Rider mall edition also will serve breakfast for the morning mall walkers and employees of the CustomerContactChannels call center, located on the mall grounds.

Scott said he and Bruce had been looking for a food court spot for six months. For now, the duo is shifting its focus from food trucks to expanding the brand to other mall food courts.

The move in direction is due in part to the saturation of food trucks within the Tucson metropolitan area.

“After that movie ‘Chef’ came out, it seemed like 37 other trucks opened up,” Scott said. “Trying to invade on new territory is a little difficult right now.”

Scott said, despite the challenges, the Cheesy Rider food truck will stay open.

You can follow the truck’s locations and the mall spot's progress on the Cheesy Rider Facebook page.