Apparently Tucson's reputation as a pizza-mad town is spreading.

The city is set to get its third fast-casual pizza restaurant when Phoenix-based Fired Pie opens at Plaza Centro, 350 E. Congress St., in early September.

Fired, which specializes in pizzas and salads, will occupy 2,100 square feet at the plaza, home of the Cadence student housing complex, said Plaza Centro retail developer Jim Campbell.

Campbell said he approached several fast-casual pizza chains in California before discovering Fired Pie on a trip to Phoenix.

“The thing that amazed me about this place was that half the people were eating pizza and half were eating salads,” he said. Campbell said he was looking for a pizzeria that offered salads, something he said was missing from the mix at Plaza Centro.

Fired Pie will take up one of the final retail spaces at Plaza Centro; the only one remaining is a stand-alone space at 335. E. Congress St. Also coming soon: Cut Color Polish salon set to open in August and Planet Smoothies, coming in September.

Fired Pie will have some company in the fast-casual pizza market, where customers can get a customized individual-sized pizza in minutes. Opening in early to mid-August:

• Los Angeles-based Pizza Studio at 1031 N. Park Ave., in the cluster of student housing complexes near the University of Arizona.

• Locally owned Pionic Pizza at 2643 N. Campbell Ave.See more restaurant news in Thursday's Caliente.