The folks at Cooking Light magazine are gushing over Tucson Tamale Company.

In a story posted online today, Cooking Light's Ann Pittman raved about the "fun flavors like chicken pot pie, new Delhi … St. Valentine (chocolate-cherry) and Tahiti dessert (pineaple-mango-coconut)."

Cooking Light ordered the tamales from the company and had them shipped frozen to its test kitchen.

"When we tried them in our test kitchen, we were blown away at the quality: Simply put, these tamales are really good," Pittman said.

Just how much did Pittman and her colleagues like the tamales?

"These tamales were so good that we gobbled them up right away… I couldn’t even snap a picture of them once heated," she said.

Tucson Tamale is located at 2545 E. Broadway. Hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

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