Need a reason to laugh this weekend?

Here are two comedians who will help you conjure up those deep-in-the-pit-of-your-belly laughs that hurt your sides and freeze your jaw into a perpetual smile.

But there’s one problem: They are both here on the same night — Saturday.

We’re doing a side-by-side, ha-ha by ha-ha comparison to help you decide.

Carlos Mencia

Bio: The 46-year-old comedian and former host of his own Comedy Central show “Mind of Mencia” has been a regular to Tucson stages over the years. This is the veteran comedian’s first stop here in four years and the first time we’ve seen him since he shed 70 pounds from his 5-foot-8 frame.

The jokes: He’s an equal opportunity offender, with bits that borrow from his Hispanic heritage and often walk the fine line of political correctness. He’s not an excessive f-bomb dropper nor does he go too far into the sexually or racially explicit material. Expect to hear him take on his detractors and talk about his recently slimmed down physique.

The show: 8 p.m. Saturday at Desert Diamond Casino, 1100 W. Pima Mine Road. Tickets: $30, $37.50 and $45 through

Aida Rodriguez

Bio: An actress, writer and single mom of two, Rodriguez, 36, was a semifinalist on this summer’s “Last Comic Standing” competition and has performed on a number of TV series including Nickelodeon’s “Mom’s Night Out,” “Stand Up and Deliver” and “Illegal,” as well as several movies including “Wishes,” released to video last spring. A native of Boston, she is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent and spent part of her childhood in the Dominican Republic. She has been doing comedy since the early 1990s and includes modeling and producing on her résumé.

The jokes: Rodriguez mines her family life and Puerto Rican heritage for most of her material. “I’m a third generation teenage mom. In my family that’s how we do it. We have a baby. Then we get a job and then we have our periods. That’s how we roll.” Expect some off-color material as well as liberal cursing.

The show: 10 p.m. Saturday at Social House Kitchen & Pub, 446 N. Campbell Ave. $10 in advance by calling 477-7143. Also on the bill: Host Big Rob and Arizona comics David Trujillo and Danielle Williams.

Rodriguez also will perform at 10 p.m. Friday at Sierra Vista’s Z Bar & Lounge, 40 Avenida Escuela.

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