Recent University of Arizona grads and upcoming artists are making their way back to Tucson and they are bringing the Vibe tonight at Hotel Congress.

DJ Chris Young and Alex “Rossy” Rossman bring their musical backgrounds together to create upbeat and feel-good tunes. Their most recent album, “Carpe Diem,” dropped in September and Vibe plans to debut some new tunes tonight.

The duo incorporates their experiences from Tucson into a good portion of their music.

“I think there’s a strong presence here in Tucson. Everyone knows we used to go to the school. A lot of people saw us out here last year at the Mac Miller concert. And now they get to see us more in our element and more refined, just a show about us,” Young said.

UA’s KAMP student radio is sponsoring the event with its new monthly happy hour promotion at Hotel Congress.

“KAMP Radio has always been supportive of Chris and I ever since we started working together and they have always been interested in our progress. What better way to start it off with Wildcat alum?” Rossman said.

Vibe plans to re-release its album, “Carpe Diem” along with some music videos and new songs within the next month or so.

Tonight's concert starts at 7 p.m. at Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St. Admission is free. Details: 622-8848.