In case you missed it, The Star's Gerald Gay wrote Friday that a small army of out-of-town food trucks will be serving Tucson residents this weekend as part of filming for the Fifth season of the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race.”

The Pima Air and Space Museum will host the elimination filming for the Tucson episode. Read more here.

The way the show is formatted as a competition means that sometimes not even the food truck owners know where they're going until the last minute. 

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We are compiling locations and photos here as we get them as well.

Here are the trucks we think are here as part of the show:

• The Middle Feast

• The Gourmet Graduates

Good luck trying some new food!


Looks like all the trucks are headed to the Tucson Folk Festival (3:30 p.m.)

The Beach Cruiser truck is heading back to Tap and Bottle for the night

Brushfire BBQ posted that one of the trucks is at their Campbell location

A local food truck is hosting one of the visiting trucks at Himmel Park for lunch:

Looks like the trucks had a Sonoran hotdog challenge last night.

Commenter Edith Swiatek said on our Facebook post: "We were at Let There Be Bacon when the phone call came in re: the Sonoran Dog challenge. It was interesting to see this part of the show being taped...not nearly as seamless as once it's edited, of course. Really great folks in all of the trucks we visited yesterday and they all seemed to love Tucson."

Sarah Lynn Lenox poste: "apparently they had to sell the most hot dogs or so I heard while waiting for Military Moms"

Are you a member of BACON ARMY TUCSON (as Let There Be Bacon has been tweeting?)

Lone Star Chuck Wagon tweeted their location early Sunday morning 

Madres Mexican Meals was getting a lot of love from Tucson taste testers on social media yesterday. They're up again today:


Tap and Bottle posted this photo on Instagram

Military Moms have been spotted at the American Legion post on south 22nd Street.

Looks like Middle Feast has been spotted:

Main Gate Square is tweeting coyly:

The truck they are referring to could be Lone Star Chuck Wagon:

Facebook readers have been clamoring for the bacon truck location. They had some trouble securing a spot.

But got it figured out:

Looks like Gourmet Graduates will be on Fourth Avenue this afternoon

Madres FoodTruck posted on our Facebook wall Saturday morning:

"Hello All! The Madres Food Truck will be in Tucson, AZ, today! We are serving authentic Mexican food!...Tostadas de Jaiba, Tostadas de Pollo and our AMAZING Huevos Rancheros! We are currently competing in a food truck challenge and need all the support we can get. We will be at Bashful Bandit @ 12pm. 3686 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716 Hope to see you all there! and share this page!"


Several readers said they saw some trucks picking up food at the east-side Costco Friday.

At around 4 p.m. Friday Facebook reader Phet Manolack Hernandez posted:

"One truck for sure downtown in front of the old plush 12pm-8pm. I meet them today."


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